Using The Vlookup Function for Exact match table.


Using The Vlookup Function for Exact match table. (Video transcript)

In the last lecture, we have used how we can use the Vlookup function with an approximate match approach. In this lecture, we will be working on the exact match type.

We have two tables in this worksheet. We have this Atlanta City temperature data and This lookup table with precipitation and type of weather it brings.

We are going to find the weather type in Atlanta city by comparing this predefined weather category. We will use the Vlookup function. =Vlookup(the lookup value will be the precipitation amount in column G and comma, the table array will be this table we can select the two-column together and the column number is 2, starting counting from left and the match type is Exact match here.

Here we get the result. To copy it down we have to make table array absolute. To do that select the reference and press F4. Now we can double click to copy it down.

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