Using the Save and Save us command in Excel

Using the Save and Save us command in Excel (Video transcript)

We have two options in case of saving data in Excel, Save as and Save. We usually use Save as when we want to save a workbook for the first time and we need to rename and save it to another location.

Let’s try to see this in action. we have this workbook called manipulating data entry in Excel. to do that go to File and we have these options. Let’s use save us.

Here we can determine the place we want to save. Let’s choose This PC, we can choose a desktop. and here we can edit the file name and we can choose the format, Let’s save it as the old version of Excel 97-2003 and finally save.

So we edit and save it in the old version. we can save any format we need. to update or work from the time we can use the save button or use the Ctrl + S in short.

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