The Power of Microsoft Excel

The Power of Microsoft Excel (Video transcript)

Excel is an extremely versatile end-user spreadsheet program. the world’s most popular and powerful spreadsheet program. almost 85% of organizations use it on daily operations.

Data entry and storage. Large amounts of data can be quickly processed in Excel by filtering, sorting, doing calculations, logical analysis, charting and other amazing built-in functions

It could be in Finance, to formulate reports, charts, simulations, and do “what if” analysis on data. Plus, it has a lot of finance specific Functions.

If your work is in Sales you will need to excel to do totals, averages, margins, basic calculations, charts and create wonderful Dashboards, charts, interactive menus, and many other indicators.

For data analysis. Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis. it has amazing features like PivotTables to consolidate and focus segments of data from a large data set.

If your work that of engineering, you will need it to do calculations, projected figures, quantities, VLOOKUP functions, and charts of various types, they also have a range of built-in functions specific to that area such as CONVERT, SIN COS and TAN functions.

The application of excel is limitless, so let’s dive in to explore.

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