Create simple formulas in Excel

Create simple formulas in Excel (Video transcript)

Creating and manipulating formulas is a common job for many users. We have here the tech giants quarterly sell in millions of dollars. in excel we write formulas based on location.

So let’s try to enter a formula to get the total sell of the first quarter. to do this we can enter the formula here. we start always by an equal sign. so type = and we can try first by typing the cell. b3+c3+d3. we can do this a simpler method. We can simply select the cells. so, = select b3,c3.d3. now we get the same result.

There is one more option to get the sum. let’s try to find the sum and average of the company. let’s enter the sum formula here. =sum(and select the cells).

In the same manner, we can get the average of the individual company sales. =average(and select the cells and press enter).

This is relatively simple formulas. but the complex formulas are also used in the same way.

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