Quick Analysis Tool Excel: 8 Amazing analysis


The quick analysis tool Excel will let us to instantly create different amazing charts, graphs, including line and column charts, or add miniature graphs called sparklines. The Quick analysis tool is available in Excel 2013 and 2016 version.

How to start the Quick Analysis tool Excel.

To get started with the Quick Analysis tool excel, Simple highlight, and select the data you want to analysis just like the below example. You will automatically see a pop up underneath in the bottom right with the data.


When we click that pop-up or alternatively press control+Q, We will get a quick analysis tool menu. This quick menu will display, the different analytics tools including conditional formats, charts types, Calculated rows, and columns.

Quick analysis tool menu

1. How to create sparkline by Quick analysis tool in Excel

Sparkline or mini graphs are introduced in the 2010 version of excel. They indicate how individual data varies across the matrix of data. To analyze our data by sparkline graphs, Simple go your exercise file and select the range you want to analyze and click the Excel quick analysis tool or press Control+Q and select the sparkline chart type.

Sparkline by Quick analysis tool

We will have three options, Line, Column, and win/loss graph type. We can choose according to our data type and goal.

2. How to create Color scale chart by Quick analysis tool

This is also super simple. Simply select the data again and click the quick analysis tool box or you can press control and Q to activate the Excel quick analysis tool. Now select the color scale from the formatting section.

Color scale by Quick analysis tool

3. How to create Data Bars by Quick analysis tool Excel.

We can also show data bars which is a conditional formatting techniques which can help us highlight interesting data. Just select the data and activate the Quick analysis tool and select data bars from the formatting section. The data will be automatically highlight as below.

4. How to create a column graph by Quick analysis tool Excel.

We can also quickly analyze our data by the different graphs that Excel has to offer. Let do one example. Before selecting the data and activate the quick analysis tool. Then select charts and select column graphs. You have the same result as below. We can also try the other chart types.

Column graph by quick analysis

5. How to create Calculated Totals by Quick analysis tool.

It very interesting to easily create calculated totals, Running totals, Averages, % averages, and others calculated totals instantly. Just open select the Quick analysis tool excel and go to totals. You get all the options to create the calculated totals you demand. Here an example

Totals by quick analysis tool

6. Smart conditional formatting from the Quick Analysis tool excel

This is another super simple and very powerful feature of the Excel quick analysis tool. We create various conditional formatting ways to highlight our main focus on the data. These are Greater than and Top 10%.

Let’s work one example. Let’s highlight values greater than 100. To do that just select the data click the quick analysis excel tool. Here is attached the result.

 Conditional-formatting-by-Quick-analysis-toolWe can change the highlighting colors.

7. How to create Table and PivotTable by Quick analysis tool

We can also instantly create a table or a PivotTable from the Quick analysis tool excel. To do that just select the data and click the quick analysis tool as we did in the above examples. Then go to tables and choose Table or Pivot tables.

Let’s work on the pivot Tables. When we click the pivot table we will have a new sheet with all the fields in the pivot table. We can then further analyze our data. If you need more tutorials on Pivot Table and Pivot Charts please refer to this. https://elephantexcel.com/create-pivot-tables-in-a-simple-method/, https://elephantexcel.com/excel-pivot-charts/

Table by quick analysis tool

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