Page Setup and Printing Controls in Excel


Page Setup and Printing Controls in Excel (Video transcript)

We can get the printing controls from the Page layout. Here there is additional dialog box containing the controls.

On the page tab, we have the orientation, we can toggle either portrait or landscape, here there is scaling. Now it is 100%, We can shrink to some percentage, like 80% which will squeeze and reduce the number of pages for printing.

We can fit to the data to one page or number of pages, Say 8 pages. this will squeeze the pages to 8 pages.

We have this margin features also. we can increase or decrease to control or layout. We can see our changes from the print preview here.

The other control is Header and footer section. We can customize the header and footer. Let’s try the footer, In the left section we can page number, the footer title in the middle and the date in the right.

In the sheet toggle, we can set the print area, rows to print as we did it the last lecture, and we can set this to omit the grid lines and also the other features.

These are the most used print controls. we should always see our changes in the print preview.

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