How To Use Other Excel Functions in Excel

How To Use Other Excel Functions in Excel (Video transcript)

Excel has over 450 functions. It is a huge list of functions. If you go to the Formulas tab in the ribbon and slide over one of the entries we can see them.

Here, there is a huge list of Financial function, we may never use most of them. here logical function, Text function, Date and Time function Lookup & Reference functions, Math & Trig function. Here is also more functions. Statistical, engineering, and other functions.

We may be overwhelmed with this huge list of function. we can get a small to when over the curser. this will give us a hint when to use the formula.

Let’s try one example. if we want to rank the new salary, what function is available to us. there is a rank aver function. =Rank ave(the number we want to rank, C2, the reference is the list, but we can simply select column C) and enter. now we got the rank of the new salary.

We can explore the other functions as well.

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