Organizing Pivot Table Data for data analysis

Organizing Pivot Table Data for data analysis (Video transcript)

In the last lecture we have created this pivot tables on our agent sales data. Let’s explore more. Let’s find other breakout on the Customer part.

To do that let’s let the product and insert the customer columns. We can simply and uncheck the production and check the product.

We can find another breakout. We don’t want to see agent names and want to see regions. We can simply uncheck agent and check region. Now we have the sales by region and customer. The same Totals.

We can reverse this order. Let’s move the regions to columns and the customer to rows. We can simply drag the customer to rows and regions to columns.

If we update our source data, and want to the update apply on the pivot table, we should refresh. The analyze menu we have here refresh; we should refresh to get the update.

In the next lecture will see how we can use pivot tables for grouping data and time.

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