How to move, copy and group sheets in Excel

How to move, copy and group sheets in Excel (Video transcript)

Moving worksheet don’t need any command. we can click and drag to the place we want to insert.

Copying sheets is also very handy. We can right click to the sheet we want to have a copy of it and Here we have Move or copy command. To copy the sheet, we need to click this checkbox and we can copy to new workbook or to the existing workbook.

Let’s create to new a brand new workbook. Here we have the new sheet with its content and formatting.

We can group sheets if we want to edit or format together. Say let’s group these three sheets together. To do that Select one and hold shift key and press the third sheet. Now we have grouped. It says also grouped. Let’s increase the row height on one of the sheets. It will appear on the other sheets as well. Look It appears on the grouped sheets not on the others.

If we don’t the grouping any more, we can right click one of the grouped sheet and click ungroup. Now the group has gone.