How Use Flash fill For Splitting And Combining Data in Excel

How Use Flash fill For Splitting And Combining Data (Video transcript)

In the last lecture, we have split data into columns by text to column features. In this lecture, we will do the same job as a flash fill. Flash fill is a new feature in excel starting from the 2013 version.

Let’s first combine these names by a flash fill. To do that first insert a new column here first and then start typing the names either the list order or in the reverse order and go to data and flash fill (look the description). If we click we have these results, we have combined in a simple method.

We can use flash fill to split the data also. let’s add to the column and start writing the first name and go to flash fill. Now we have the first name in one column and in the manner, we can split the last name start writing the first last name, Michael and go to flash fill and we got this result.

We can now delete this column. We can use this feature for other similar purposes.