How To Use Undo And Redo in Excel

How To Use Undo And Redo in Excel (Video transcript)

If we make mistakes, Undo is a great help. For example, if we realized that Facebook revenue has a mistake I could go select and delete the inputs. But if we want to keep it, for now, I can undo my action.

I will go to the quick action toolbar and click the undo button, the shortcut is crtl+Z, it is an easy keystroke combination. this will undo our last action. but it has more than that. If we click this little arrow, we will have a choice from where we want to undo our action. we can undo up to 100 of our last actions.

what if we need to return the undo? we have the redo button. the short cut key for Redo is Ctrl + Y.

There are some exception that undoes and Redoes doesn’t work. like if we delete this tab and want to undo we can’t do that and in the view tab also most action can’t be undone and Redo.

So they are really handy and valuable tools
we could press Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y to access them for quick.

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