How to use the status bar in Excel

How to use the status bar in Excel

At the bottom of the screen, below sheet tabs, you’ll see an area referred to as the status bar. Very often you’ll see the word “Ready” in the lower-left corner. when you take certain actions like I touch caps lock, it says Caps Lock.

But they are more used. If I select the revenue column, at the bottom of the screen there are a few statistical measures here. This tells me what the average revenue, count, total revenue.

If we right-click in the status bar, you will see a huge list of various entries. we can turn these on and off. let’s add a minimum and a maximum, as well, without writing formulas.

So, the status bar keeps us informed as to the number totals for different cells that we might have highlighted.

there is also “Normal,” which gives us a typical Excel view. The next button to the right is called “Page Layout,” and this is handy as we start to work with different data. we can adjust the title and logo.

And the button to the right of that is called “Page Break Preview,” and this is handy at times you’re ready to print a particular worksheet, to adjust that for printing. we will discover more in the later section on this.

The last one is the zoom bar, we can zoom and zoom out as we want

So status bar located at the bottom of the screen, very helpful.

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