How to use the quick access toolbar of Microsoft Excel

How to use the quick access toolbar of Microsoft Excel (Video transcript)

Above the Ribbon Menu system in the upper left corner of your screen is what’s called the Quick Access Toolbar. Now it has only three buttons on it. A save button, an undo button, and a red button.

We can add to it; we can put buttons up here for frequently use. For example, if you use the double underline frequently, we can put it to the quick access toolbar. right-click on it and add to a quick access we don’t go now and there. we will save our time. we can do the other tools in the same manner and we can also add some from the default list.

If we need more, we go to more commands, we can make any command we need it frequently.
the top-down order that we see here will correspond to the left to right order that we see in the Quick Access Toolbar. we can add and we have about 30 choices here.

we can choose Commands Not in the Ribbon. so we can add any command we want. And if that were not enough, there is a choice called All Commands. So tons of options here, over a thousand choices here.

After we select our choice click ok here we have.

If you don’t need the command anymore,” right-click and remove. If we want to change the order here. we can customize the Quick Access Toolbar and arrange this up and down arrow

If we want to reset the original setting, it is simple. You could either get rid of them one by one, or, right-click, Quick Access Toolbar, Customize, and at the bottom here, Reset.

Say OK, and that’s the way it looks when you first start Excel. You can put the Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon. If you change your mind you can return it to above the ribbon. right-click

So the QAT is an excellent tool and the more you work with Excel, the more you’ll find this handy. And from time to time, reassess the buttons that are there, optimize it for your use of Excel.

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