How to use the navigation tools in Excel

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How to use the navigation tools in Excel (Video transcript)

When you move the mouse or a finger on the trackpad, the cursor around the Excel screen will move. But at different times, this pointer changes. If I slide leftward and put it on a boundary between rows, it will change to a two-way up-down arrow.

If we slide on this boundary it becomes a two-way left-right arrow. If we go down any cell and point to its corner, the mouse pointer changes from a three-dimensional plus into a thin plus. So the mouse pointer changes. As we slide it into the ribbon menu system, notice how it becomes an arrow.

We can press ctrl + page down. to move one sheet to the right. If you’d like to move leftward, we can do this with ctrl + page up. We can naturally use the mouse for this action.

If you have another workbook open, you can go to the View tab in the ribbon, and off to the right, you’ll see a button called Switch Windows. Now when you click this button, you’ll see other workbooks if they’re open. if we are working on different projects or workbooks we can easily switch windows.

So to recap we can use the mouse, the ctrl+down and up arrow, and the switch window for easy navigation in our projects

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