How to use the formula bar in Microsoft Excel

How to use the formula bar in Microsoft Excel (Video transcript)

On an Excel screen, the area just below the ribbon is referred to as the formula bar. The formula bar right here contains information if the active cell contains information otherwise it will be blank

If I click, for example, in cell B3, we see that it contains “Jan.” if I click J6 it will be number, and if I click blank it will show nothing.

Now the reason it’s called the formula bar is if I go to a cell that contains a formula, the formula will be visible here in the formula bar.

Here the formula is displayed

Because as you move the active cell around, either by pressing arrow keys or pointing with the mouse and clicking somewhere, you want to know whether a cell contains a value, or text, or a formula.

It is very common to look at the formula bar frequently.

there are many shortcuts and other tools for finding formulas that we will discover in the course. For now, keep the point that The formula bar is extremely useful to let you know what’s going on in each individual cell.

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