How To Use The Alignment And Wrap Text in Excel

How To Use The Alignment And Wrap Text in Excel (Video transcript)

Open the exercise file first. in this lecture, we will see the application of aligning, wrap, and merge features. Text is automatically left aligned and numbers are automatically right-aligned

Sometimes we need to change this. If we want to align-left these titles, we can simply select and click the left alignment.

In the same manner, we can align the top tiles either right or preferably we can center it.

If any text is overflowing the cell, let’s edit this to show. June Salary detail. we can simply select the cell and click the wrap text. it looks good. we can make the alignment bottom center or top with commands

If we need to change the angle of text, we can simply try these options. we can also use these additional features. we can change the angle and other adjustments.

There is another important feature, Merge feature. If we need to merge cells like this title we can go ahead and select the cells we want to merge and use the merge and center or merge only.

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