How To Use Special Formatting Methods in Excel

How To Use Special Formatting Methods in Excel (Video transcript)

Excel has different ways to format numbers and characters. In this worksheet, we have this staff profile. we have phone numbers, social security numbers, and salary.

The phone numbers and SS are randomly generated. let’s focus on SS, what is wrong with these numbers? We usually see dashes between the characters in SS. So how do we format it? rather than typing the dashes, we have a simple method. right-click to get the format cess or shortcut control+1, and here we get special, here we see SS. now have the dashes.

The dashes are not truely in the data.They are only in the format.

In the same manner we can format the phone. numbers. press control+1 to get the format cell. and now it looks good and logical.

For the salary, we usually add a dollar sign here. we can simply and quickly format it here. but when we try to widen the column, the format is not pretty good. we can tackle this problem by going to format cells and chose to account.

Now it looks good even we widen the column. we can decrease the decimal as well.

In the next lecture we work on formatting date and numbers

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