How To Use Filters in Excel

How To Use Filters in Excel (Video transcript)

Sometimes we do want to see some rows and hide others. to do that filter feature will be a handy tool.

First, make sure our data has not empty rows and columns. Simply click on one of the cells and go to data and filter and we see a filter arrow at the top.

Let’s see the department. we have an alphabetical list of the departments. Let’s two of the departments. Unselect all first and select the department at a time. Let me select manufacturing. it says 4 of 15 records.

We can clear the filter if we want to see all the data again.
If we want to remove the subtotal features, go to data and subtotals and remove all.

For texts we have additional options, here are the options. and for Numbers also we have a lot of ready-made options available. we can dig each of them according to our needs.

We can clear the filters whenever we don’t need.

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