How to Use Data Validation Tools in Microsoft Excel

Using Validation Tools in Microsoft Excel (Video transcript)

Sometimes we want to validate data before goes on the worksheet. Here in this worksheet, we have Employee ID, we want limit the number of characters the ID will have.

To do that select the column and go to data and data validation. Here we have settings, input messages, and error alerts. For the validation criteria, let select text length and select exact, equal to. and the number of character 4.

In the input message, the title of the message can be Reminder and the input message can be Must be 4 characters and click ok. Now if we enter 5 characters we will get an error. So it is working.

If we don’t want to type every time we enter data, we can use a validation method to select it as a list. To do that select the column we want to apply and go to data validation and in the setting part, select list and for the source select the type of contract and click ok. Now we can select from the drop down list.

We can move it to another sheet or hide it. It will be there for selection. So data validation is a great tool.

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