How To Use Conditional Formatting in Excel

How To Use Conditional Formatting in Excel (Video transcript)

Conditional formatting is a great tool for highlighting data, making it stand out. we can find it here in the home tab.

There are various features and options available. let’s imagine that these salaries to stand out in a different way.

So go to conditional formatting and try the first one. Highlight cell rules. here we have many choices. let’s try the first. greater than. Excel automatically suggests. but we can set our input. we can change the color highlight also. go to custom and select whatever color please you.

Let’s clear this rule to try others. may be we can try the color scale. it highlights from small to large or vice versa.

let’s clear the rule one more time to try other conditional formating. maybe we can try the icon set. we can set this one. If we need to modify any of the rules, we can go to manage rules and modify any parameters.

In the same manner, you can explore the other conditional formatting techniques.

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