How to Sort Data in Excel

How to Sort Data in Excel (Video transcript)

Sorting is the most common tool for data management tools. We have a list on this worksheet and the list is not in particular order right now. We can easily sort this list by employee name, department, contract status, or by hiring data or possibly by their salary amount.

To apply a simple sort, like if we need to sort by employee name alphabet, click on the column and go to data and sort either A-Z or Z-A. Try A-Z now we have arranged the data by the employee name.

We can use the department as well. We can sort by their salary amount. From the smallest amount to Largest or vice Versa.

We can sort this list by a multiple of criteria. To do that go data and sort. Now we have a dialogue box. Column and Sort on (Values or other criteria) lastly the order, either Largest to smallest or A-Z or the reverse.

Let’s sort by Department (make the order A-Z), and Level, now sort by Employee name, the employee name will be from A-Z, and add another label, this time sort by status, and the status order will by alphabet from A-Z, and finally all one more order level. This time we will sort by employee salary and the order will from largest to smallest.

Now click Ok and see the effect. We have sorted by department and then by Employee name then by status and finally by their salary amount.

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