How to Protect Worksheets in Excel

How to Protect Worksheets in Excel (Video transcript)

We have here an employee data. We don’t want anybody to change this data and even we don’t want the rank is visible to anybody except for the managers.

To apply this effect will use worksheet protection features. Let’s first unlock all the locked cells. to do that right-click to get format cells and unlock. Now let’s select the cells we want to lock. We want to lock columns B and C. the salary data. And hide the rank. Now go to format cells and lock the cells.

Now go to Review and protect sheets. It says protect sheets for lock cells. We can put our password. One more time. Now we can see the effect. We cannot change, edit, or unhide the sheets.

We can protect the sheets by going again to Review and unprotect the sheets by providing our password. We must not forget our password.

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