How to Protect Workbooks in Excel

How to Protect Workbooks in Excel (Video transcript)

If we want only certain people open this, we can protect the workbook. We will put a password protection on the file.

To do that go file and save us, open the Tools drop-down and general options. We have to option here, Password to open the file or password to modify the file. Either we can use one of it or we apply both.

Let’s try the first option. Let’s enter our password. Easy to remember password. Reenter the password.

Now let’s close the file and open the file again. Ctrl +W to close the file and Ctrl+O to open the file. Now it requires a password. We can enter the password to open the file.

In the same procedure, we can try the second option. Go to File and save as, and Tools and open the general option, now let’s use the second option. Anybody can open the file but cannot modify it. Enter your password and reenter once again and save the file.

Now let’s close the file and reopen. To modify the file, we need the password, or we can use a read-only file. In this way, we can protect workbooks for good.

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