How To Move, Copy, And Insert Data in Excel

How To Move, Copy, And Insert Data in Excel (Video transcript)

Most of the time we will use these three operations, Copy, Move, and Insert. Let’s begin for copying data operation.

We can use the normal operation, select the data and press Control + c to copy and, and then Control + V to paste the data. There is a faster way to do that. We can select the data and drag it and press the Control Key. Look a small + sign is appearing to indicate that we want to copy the data. we can release it in the place we want it to appear.

In the same manner, we can move rows and columns as well. Let’s move these phone numbers before the SS numbers. we can select the column and press the shift key and put it there.

We can insert data also. If we need to move and insert Walter white Above Robert, we simply select, drag and press shift and we can put here above the Robert Bowis.

We can move and copy the worksheet also. right-click the tab and you will get a copy or move command. Here you can move to create a copy to these worksheets or to a new worksheet.

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