How to locate and maintain links in Excel

How to locate and maintain links in Excel (Video transcript)

We have to workbook opened. Let’s try to pull the totals of Google revenue from workbook two to Workbook one. To do that simply type = and go to workbook two and select the totals of the Google revenue and enter.

Now we have connected the two workbooks a formula. How do we know we a link in this workbook. We can go to data and here we edit links. If this is not active, we don’t have a links. If we delete the formula the links will be disappear.

Let’s undo that and to which sheets is linked we can simply click edit links. Here we have the sheets connected. Every time we have an update on the other sheets this will also be updated.

We can open the source and break link if we don’t need it anymore and check the status of the link

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