How to Link Worksheets And Workbooks By Formulas

How to Link Worksheets And Workbooks By Formulas (Video transcript)

We have here three sheets each contains different quarter data. Quarter1, Quarter 2, and Quarter 3 revenue. We want to add the totals of the quarters on different sheets. Here we have totals. Let’s find the totals of the quarters from sheets.

Start for Google and type = and go to quarter 1 and + and go to quarter 2 sheet and select B3 and + and finally go to quarter 3 sheet and select Quarter revenue for google and press enter.

Now we have the totals for google. Look the formula is lengthy but we have the totals without typing it. We can do it this in another method. =Sum (and select the first quarter press shift and select the last quarter. We have the same result and the formula will be shorter than the previous one.

How about the data are in different workbooks and we want to sum them in a new workbook. Here we have a new workbook and we want to bring and sum three-quarter revenue. =and go to the sheet, we can press shift + tab and go to Q1 and + go to Q2 and +finally to Q3. So we have the totals here with another workbook.

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