How To Insert Shapes And Others Visual Elements in Excel

How To Insert Shapes And Others Visual Elements in Excel (Video transcript)

This is a flat worksheet and we can add many visual elements. We can add a logo, picture, shapes, and others. Most of these features begin on the insert tab.

We can insert pictures here, either from your own file or from online. Let’s add our logo to the computer. find the logo, select, and click ok. Now we can put this logo to the header. we can adjust the size and insert a new row at the top. drag the row a bit to accommodate the logo.

We can also insert shapes from this shape store. Here there are tones of shapes to select from. we have basic shapes, equations, smart art, and money. let’s insert this hexagon. we can resize it on the sport. we can press shift to get a perfect hexagon. we can slide over this yellow to distort the hexagon if we wish to do it. Now let’s insert some text. “Elephant Excel staff Salary data”. we can modify the hexagon a bit and put it as a header.

We can insert also smart objects. There is more than 200 smart object used for a different purpose. Let’s insert this gear cycle. we can edit the text. Phase 1, 2,3. we can change the color. we can insert a background also.

So we can easily add visuals to our boring data.

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