How to Insert and Delete Columns and Rows in Excel

How to Insert and Delete Columns and Rows in Excel (Video transcript)

Often times we need to change the layout of a worksheet. Maybe we want to insert a new column or a new row. Sometimes we may need to delete a column or a row.

We can do this quickly and easily. First, open up exploring worksheet layout. If we need to insert a new column, may for staff ID. We can simply insert that. we can insert from the home tab, here Insert and insert columns. The quickest may be using the right-click.

Highlight the place you want to insert the column and right click and click insert. Excel knows you want to insert columns.

In the same manner, we can insert rows. We can insert from the home tab insert command or we can simply point the place we want to insert the row and use the right-click and inset.

Here is a little problem while inserting the whole row. we have distorted data here in the right. How can we insert a row without disrupting this data? we can simply select the cells and right click and then shift cells to down. Now, this data is safe.

We can delete rows and columns naturally. select the rows and columns we want to delete and right click then click the delete command.

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