How To Hide and Unhide Rows And Columns In Excel

How To Hide and Unhide Rows And Columns in Excel ( Video transcript)

When we work with certain list of data there may times we don’t want to see part of the data very often. we don’t want to get rid of it but we simply want to hide it.

If we want to hide the social security numbers, since it is more personal, or omit it from printing, we can hide it. Select the column you want to hide and right click and make it hide. Now we don’t see that Social security column. Here is a double line to indicate there is a hidden column.

If we need to unhide it, it is simple select the surrounding column and right click and make unhide. we can simple double click the double line also.

In the same manner, we hide rows also. If Morgan left the organization and Hide him from the list, we can simply select and right-click and make hide. If another time needs to see all our previous staff we can simply double click this double line or we can go to right-click and click unhide.

So hide and unhide feature are a great way to present our data.

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