How To Format Dates And Numbers in Excel

How To Format Dates And Numbers in Excel (Video transcript)

In Excel, the standard display of dates is as we see in column E. That is the month, day and your, four-digit year, no leading zeros for the month or the day.

We can format this in a number of ways though. there is a quick formatting way in this drop-down list. we can try long and short date formatting. If we are not ok with this, there are more formatting ways in the format cells.

Press contrl+1 to access quick, here we have a lot of options. we can select the one we like to appear. we can also customize. go to again the format cells and here we have custom, we can customize the way we like to appear. Let’s try this. add two YY, year. now we have customized.

In the same manner, we can customize the time. there is a short format here, select time. to see the effect. but we will have more choices in the format cells. ctrl+1 to access that and we have here the choices. We can choose one or we can also customize here if we need it.

In the next lecture we will work on Conditional formatting methods

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