How to Find and Replace Data in Excel

How to Find and Replace Data in Excel (Video transcript)

Sometimes we need to look and find data in a large list or we may need to replace data with other inputs. In these cases Find and Replace feature of Excel will be a great help.

If we want to find a particular employee name on this list, we can go to find and replace it here in the main tab. First, let’s select the column and we can type the name Robert and find. Here Excel finds that employee in the list and list it here and highlight in the list.

We can find and replace data also. we have here employee status. Let’s imagine that we want to change all the contract employees to part-time. We can go to Find and replace and here select replace. Type Contract in the find and Part-time in the replacement part and replace all.

Now all contract employees are changed to part-time status. we can use formatting also. If we need to see the replaced data with different colors, we can do that also. Here in the options, we formatting features. We can change the color to be yellow and update it.

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