How to Create Charts in Microsoft Excel

How to Create Charts in Microsoft Excel (Video transcript)

We can create charts in Excel in a number of ways. First, open up the charts exercise file, and the first worksheet we have these data, so-called ABC trending Global sells data. Let’s use it for creating charts.

First, highlight the data we want to create the chart. We can start by all and the F1 method. we get a chart immediately right on the same worksheet. Notice the menu system is changed. We have got the chart tools, a design tab, and the Format tab.

The most standard way to create a chart is to go insert tab. we have here charts and to the left Recommended charts. We can try that. It gives us a cluster chart or we may use our choice here. There are many chart types here, we will explore each in the next lectures.

There is another way to create charts. when we select the data, there is a small box at the bottom and suggest a quick analysis. If we click it, it will take us to charts. Here we can see the preview of the charts with our data.

In the next lectures we will be busy working on exploring charts types

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