How To Create And Use Tables in Excel

How To Create And Use Tables in Excel (Video transcript)

Tables are the common feature of excel. we can use them either to analyze or present data in systematic ways.

We have this sample data. It is small data but we can use it to explore tables. Here in the insert tab, we can insert tables or we can use a short cut ctrl +t.

Click on the cells and click the table. excel suggest the range, we can modify or use the suggested range. we automatically transferred to the design tab. we can modify the table in many ways. we can change the color. we can also choose either banded rows or columns.

If we want to make changes excel uderstands what are going to do. lets say we need to increase the salary by 2000$, lets call the header new salary. enter the formula here. when we press enter, It automaticaly enter for the others.

we can use also a feature slicer. let’s insert a slicer and select department. now we can select and see the effect.

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