How to create and preview Page Breaks in Excel

How to create and preview Page Breaks in Excel (Video transcript)

The page break preview is another approach to get start printing. We can find it here, page break preview.

If we click it, we will see this page breaks. This is page one and this is page 29. The document is cut and this will be bad printing. We can make some adjustments here. Let’s go to Page layout and increase the margins. Let’s use the narrow margins.

We can also decrease the column size. Select all and drag it a little bit. Now it looks better. We can drag the page break now to include this page. We can drag it to the right Now it is included in the page one.

Let’s see now the print preview. now the page number is reduced greatly. We can print active sheet print selection or the entire workbook. We can also select the pages we want from the documents. Let’s say we can print pages from 2-4.

But before printing we have to make the view 100 percent. We can use the slide to do that.

We work on page layout controls in the next lecture.

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