How to create a mini graph or sparkline in Microsoft Excel

How to create a mini graph or sparkline in Microsoft Excel (Video transcript)

This is a sparkline or mini graph. they are introduced in the 2010 version of excel. Sparkline indicates how individual data varies across the matrix of data.

For example, these phone sales show how the data varies across the years and the four quarters. Apple sales are shown by the line graph.

The LG sales by column graph and the last sample is Samsung sales by Win/Loss graph. we can put the sparkline in front of the sales data or any other place. we can find the sparkline from the insert menu here. there are three types of sparkline graphs, line graph, column or bar graph, and win/loss graph which indicates positive and negative values.

Let’s create this mini graph from scratch. First, let’s copy this data to another sheet first. insert the first sparklines. insert it here. the data range will be all these sales data excluding the totals. and the location can be here.

we should select all these cells. we can do it for the other graph types also.
these show the sale is increasing and decreasing. the same is true for the column graph and win-lose also shows in a similar fashion.

we can change the look and feel of the sparklines. we can go to design tab and change any features you want.

You can change the styles here, you can change the color. you can change the marker. you can show High point, lost point and other features.

But what if you have a zero or empty value in your data. Let’s show how the mini graph changes. If you have a zero value here, there is no lost or gain. And if make this zero, the bar will gone. and if make zero in the line graph however, it will go down to and if it is empty the line cut. we can tell the sparkline to treat the gabs and zero in the design data. go to edit data. In here we can show the gabs as zero or gabs or connect simply with data.

we can show data in hidden rows and columns also. We can delete sparkline if we don’t need them. to do that go to design tab, clear and you can delete as a group or individual. If we don’t need all the sparkline we can also delete the whole column.