How to group date and time in Excel

How to group date and time in Excel (Video transcript)

To see the data and time grouping, let’s make some changes on our Pivot tables, Let the rows be Date and State to be region.

We have grouped the data with the date but it is not compact and concise. It will be great if we can able to group this data by month or Year or Quarter. To do that, right-click on one of the dates and click the group. Here we can select, months and see the result.

Now it is much better. It is very compact. We can further apply the grouping of the dates. right-click again on the dates and include the quarters and years. Let’s play on the pivot tables now and look at the effect.

Let’s move the date to Filters and it becomes much better. We can see the year with the quarters. We can reverse this order. This can also be good for comparing data.

There are many ways to analyze the data. we can experiment with every possibility.

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