Freezing and Unfreezing Pans in Excel

Freezing and Unfreezing Pans in Excel (Video transcript)

When we work with large data scrolling to left and down we lose sight of the top row and the first column. Most of the time we want to see the header and the first columns. Excel has an excellent feature to handle this.

We can freeze the top row. Go to view and freeze pans and Freeze top row. Now the top row is fixed while we scroll to down.

In the same manner, we can freeze the first column. Let’s’ unfreeze this and Freeze the first column. Now we scroll to the left and the first row is visible.

There may be times to keep both. And we may add some columns and rows to be visible. We can do this pointing the selector to the place we start the freezing. Let’s keep these three columns and the top row. Now go to freeze pans and freeze pans. now we can check the result. The three columns are fixed as well as the top rows.

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