How to Format Chart in Excel

How to Format Chart in Excel (Video transcript)

Formatting charts is funny and easy. When we create charts everything is in place for presentation. Let’s highlight the data and create a new chart.

Go to insert and use recommended charts this time. We can use the line graph for this particular data. Here we have the chart title and categories with time variation.

We can edit the title manually or pick the title from cell reference. click the title, enter equal sign and select the title from the cell, let’s pick ABC trading.

we can change the layouts. We have Quick layout option here, I like the first choice. Here we can edit the Axis title, click and call it Sales in Millions of Dollars.

We can change the styles of this chart. we have here a highlight. we can choice any one appealing. We can further format the styles also. We can select any theme styles

We can experiment with any formatting inputs. The basic idea is Excel has all the power to create more appealing charts that we design easily.

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