Exploring Page Layout Methods in Microsoft Excel

Exploring Page Layout Methods in Microsoft Excel (video transcript)

Whenever we need to print a worksheet it is better to get the Print Preview first. We can get the print preview from the Quick access toolbar or we can use a short cut, ctrl+F2 or we can use the File and print. We can see the preview here with other settings.

Here it says 60 pages, let’s escape to return and do some changes. If change it to landscape and see the preview the pages will high. We will work on setting up the pages for good printing in the next lectures.

Let’s return again we can use this print tiles feature so that tiles will appear on each pages. Select rows to repeat at the top.

We can make some design in the layout from the Page layout. Click this and we go to in the design tab. Here we can change our tile, we can enter here the page number, and Here the date and time.

Let’s see our modification in the print preview. It is there. there is more print feature and we will explore in the next lectures

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