Exploring 2016 New Charts in Microsoft Excel

Exploring 2016 New Charts in Microsoft Excel (Video transcript)

The first new charts we are going to explore are Tree Map and Sunburst chart. Both used to show parts to a whole when several columns of categories form a hierarchy.

Let’s click one of the cells and try first the TreeMap. Go to insert and insert the tree Map. Let’s delete the legends, we don’t need it. It gives a big picture to see our data. Manufacturing has a large share. This is true, the salary distribution is high.

The Sunburst chart will give the same output except in a different method. let’s try that. let me delete this first. and go to insert and insert the Sunburst chart. The inner portion is the department and the outer one is the status. Here also manufacturing has a large portion as expected.

The next chart is a Histogram chart. The histogram shows the distribution of data grouped into bins. We can modify the bin width and other stuff here and the styles as well.

The other is the Pareto chart. The Pareto shows the relative portion of each factor to the totals. We have here a Regional sales data. Let’s insert the Pareto chart. It shows us what is happing as compared with others.

The other is the box and Whisker chart in this category and displays the variation within a set of data. let’s enter that. We can format the data and make other modifications.

The last chart we are going to see is the Waterfall chart. It shows the cumulative effect of a series of positive and negative values.

let’s insert that and Here we have negative values. It shows the flow of data throughout these months.

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