How to Use Slicers for simplified data filtering

How to Use Slicers for simplified data filtering (Video transcript)

Slicers are introduced in Excel 2010 and it is a powerful tool for less information visually. Let’s see how it works.

To insert slicer, go to analyze and here we have insert slicer. we can select the field or fields we want to include in the slicer and click OK.

Here we have four slicers. We can resize and arrange it. We can give them different colors just differentiate each and even we can wrap in two columns for managing the space.

Now we can experiment with slicers. Let’s see the NE is data, here we have selected. we can see a certain product in this state. We can clear the filter here. We can also experiment with other. We can select multiple items by pressing the shift key.

So slicer is a great tool, doing filtering in a visually creative method.

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