How to Use Excel Pivot Charts

How to Use Excel Pivot Charts (Video transcript)

In the Charts section, we were creating different charts to illuminate our data. And with pivot tables, we also have the ability to create charts.

We have this list of data. Before creating a pivot table, we can create a pivot chart from the beginning. So to insert a pivot chart select one of our data and go to insert and here we have pivot charts. As we did for the pivot table we can select the range and the place we want to place the pivot chart. let it be on the new sheet.

Here we have a pivot table and chart area. Here we have the fields. Here instead of the row, we have an axis and instead of columns, we have a legend. Let’s drag Agent and Number of Items sold here and the product in the legend. Now we have this chart

We can try other possibility of the pivot chart to analyze our data.

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