How to display Mulitple workbooks and worksheets

How to display different workbooks in a single window(Video transcript)

We will be working on how to display a different workbook in a single window and we will be able to display also a different worksheet of a single workbook.

We have now three workbook opened. We can display each in two simple methods. Either we can use the Ctrl+tab keys or we can select one from the views and switch windows. Here we have the three opened workbooks and select the one you want to open.

If we need to open the three workbook together we can go to view and arrange windows. Here, we have a list of option to select from. Let’s try tiled. Now we can see each workbook independently and work whatever we want to do, we can compare or copy and paste data from one workbook to the other.

If we need to display and work on different sheets of the same workbook, we need first to open a workbook in a new window. create one more window. And we can go to view and arrange windows, tilted and check this time. Now we have opened different worksheets of the same workbook.

Double click to return to full single workbook.

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