Data entry and Editing in Excel

Data entry and Editing in Excel (Video transcript)

Data entry is the most basic thing we can do in Excel, but there are some rules, some concepts, that we should become familiar with. Let’s enter the quarterly revenue of the three tech giants.

I will enter the name of tech giants to down, I will enter the quarters across. Let’s start entering here, we can locate by the mouse or with arrow keys.

Let’s the first entry to be google, then down arrow to get the next cell, enter Facebook, and the last one Microsoft, I missed the F here. we can edit either by double-clicking on it or we can go to the formula bar and edit easily.

And here let me call this Q1, Q2 Q3. let’s enter random revenue first for google, 120, 124,14o, Like I Mistakly change the zero the O. It automatically becomes left-aligned. this tells me the input is not number. So go ahead and change the o with zero. now it becomes left aligned.

We can enter the other numbers, but the basic idea is numbers are always right alined

So basic data entry. Numbers are always right-aligned and nearly always should stay that way.

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