How to Create Pivot Tables in a simple method

How to Create Pivot Tables in a simple method (Video transcript)

Pivot table is a powerful Microsoft Excel feature. Here we have a list of data. We can analyze this data by filter, sort, subtotal, group and other method. To analyze this data from different perspective and get insight, pivot table will be a handy and easy method.

So to insert a pivot table select one of the cell and go to insert menu and here we have Pivot table.

Then we will get this dialogue box, the first option will help us the range of the data. We can use the entire sheet or part of the list.

The second option will help us to determine where we want to put the pivot table. there are two option, New sheet or we can put in the existing sheet. Let it be new for now and click OK. In the left, we have a placeholder for the pivot and on the right we have the pivot table fields.

These are the different fields. This will help us to filter and this will list the individual rows and this place the individual columns. Here the values or the numeric are analyzed.

Let’s see it in action. Drag the Agent to rows and here we have the list of the agent. And let’s add the revenue to Values and the sum of revenue automatically appear.

We can sort the result if we wish to do so. Let’s differentiate it by the product. to do that simply drag the product to column here. We can design the result from the design tab. We can make it also banded rows and columns.

We will explore more in the next lectures

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