How to create a Gantt chart easily in Excel

Let’s see how to create a Gantt chart easily .

We have these project data that the company wants to complete. we have the tasks, the starting date of each task, and the length of days needed to complete the work. One thing we may consider here is if the contractor doesn’t work on the weekends that are Saturday and Sundays we should figure out the completion date.

To do these we can use the Workday function. so let’s do that. =workday(B2,C2). and double-click to copy. now we can format these results a little bit. we can do it here, and change it a short date or we can go to format and change the way it looks like this one. so the actual date will be D2-B2. double click to copy. so these are the actual length of days to complete each task under our consideration.

Now we are interested in the project task, start date, and the actual days needed. Now select these one and click ctrl and select these dates also. Now let’s try going to insert try the stacked bar. but we can’t see what we what. so cancel these and go back and make some changes on this starting date. we have to change then to general format and now they are changed to numbers.

Now let’s try again. select it and press ctrl and select the actual date also. and go to insert and insert a stacked bar chart. OK, now it is working. Now we don’t want blue. so select and select these to format. No, fill and for the border also no line. Now we got these results. We have to change these date number format to the original one. we can do it here and select a short date or we can open format and select this one.

Let’s reorder it now for more looking. select the Y-axis to activate format axis and click the axis option select categories in reverse order at the bottom let’s adjust the date axis by selecting and enter Jan 1 /2018 in minimum bound. we can change the gab b/n the bars also select and go to series option and let’s make like 25 percent. and finally, we show the data labels also. select these and click data labels. delete these dates since we don’t want it. and we can enter also the title Sample Project/Gantt.

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