Auto Fill Data Entry Methods in Excel

Auto Fill Data Entry Methods in Excel (Video transcript)

The auto fill feature of Excel allows us to quickly put data.

For Example, let’s delete this quarter and enter it by autofill. If drag it to this, we will see Excel is understood what we want to do and giving suggestions the next entry is Q2. so we can drag it and fill.

We can use it for month entry. If we start here April and drag it down excel automatically fill for us the consecutive months.

Even it can it the label is shortened. like, let’s start with Jan and drag. It will fill as we want it.

Sometime we need to drag it upward. it will as do in this case. we can try it.

It will do for date entry also. let’s enter 1/1/2020. and drag it. it automatical for the next days down ward or accross.

The Auto fill feature of excel is handy fast and very useful.

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